About Avelinas

Avelinas is an international vintage fashion company founded in London and located in Madrid, Spain.

At Avelinas Vintage we believe that fashion deserves a second life. That's why we only work with leading brands such as Levi's, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or Adidas. Because we are aware that quality products survive overtime and this is also an high added value.

Because we work exclusively with vintage fashion, many of our products are unique, meaning one piece, color and size. However, we are also aware that iconic products such as Levi's 501 model or the American high Waisted evoke a great passion among fashionis and that's why, beyond Avelinas Vintage, we decided to create "Avelinas Reworks" and "Avelinas Remade".

Under the label ‘Avelinas Reworks’ we create new pieces from vintage garments. This is, for example, that we are able to convert Levi's loose fit jeans from the 1980s into a high waisted skirt adapted to today's fitting.

In addition, ‘Avelinas Remade’ embraces our purest concept of recycling. Remade pieces are the result of using the remaining materials from Reworks production and using them to manufacture garments designed by us. Garments with a great personality that do not lose the essence of their origins.