Our values

Since its origins, Avelinas Vintage has been focused on the purest concept of vintage fashion with a strong commitment to recycling and respect for the environment. From the beginning we knew that fashion is a place where these values must be present and that is why we decided to imbue each of them in the DNA of our brand, trying to put into practice the 3R philosophy: Rework, Remade, Revive.

In Avelinas Vintage we use garments that have been made over 20 or 30 years ago, selected by us and coming from different suppliers. In this way we avoid the use of new raw materials, reusing existing products and adapting to current trends.

Thus, this company intends a change in the way it focuses and develops its business idea, ensuring originality and differentiation in its garments. The basic principles are collaborative economics and business ethics, both in support of local economies and support for small businesses in the sector.

We present ourselves as an innovative and independent company of "unique and vintage" clothing with a very "fashionista" vision in front of the competitors, which is supported by an exhaustive logistics and price control, to offer the best service to our customers.