Social and corporate responsibility

In Avelinas Vintage we want to give back to society some of the business profits that we generate thanks to your collaboration as our client, so we participate in the following two associations in two different ways.


Acaman is an organization of people with intellectual disabilities who work to promote the personal and social integration of their workers, improving the quality of life and degree of autonomy, self-determination and independence. They provide us with clamps and hangers for our garments they manufacture themselves.,


Avelinas Vintage collaborates with APANATE,, a non-profit association that began in 1995 to promote the well-being and quality of life of people with autism and their families. APANATE is part of FESPAU (Spanish Federation of Autism) and AUTISM EUROPE.

Avelinas Vintage's way of collaborating with APANATE is by offering the opportunity to donate 1,2 or 5 cents per purchase that Avelinas Vintage will double. If you donate, we will also donate and in this way we will be able to help those who need it.